• 2018+
  • 160+
    Number of employees
  • 10000m²
    Factory coverage
  • 28+

Custom aluminum profile service

Modern equipment

Using domestic and foreign excellent equipment and production technology to process and scale production, provide professional deep processing manufacturing services, including engineering design, extruded aluminum profile, aluminum profile manufacturing, aluminum profile deep processing, aluminum surface treatment and aluminum profile packaging.


You Nai Aluminum Profile Supplier

About us

Processing and large-scale production with excellent equipment and production technology at home and abroad

Jiangyin Younai New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, engaged in the production of professional deep processing of aluminum profiles.

The company has a certain level of monitoring and management, assembly line operation level, existing six production lines 500T, 630T, 800T, 1100T, 1250T, 1650T, and has many years of perfect testing equipment, the production capacity can reach tons.


Our advantage

  • Raw materials

    The raw material is AOO, standard aluminum ingot,
    Not mixed with recycled aluminum
  • Aluminum extrusion

    Aluminum rod>heating→extrusion→cooling→
    straightening>aging treatment>
    Inspection>put into the semi-finished product warehouse
  • Deep Processing

    Drilling, punching, milling,
    precision cutting, CNC, assembly line operations, etc.
  • Surface treatment

    The surface of the product is smooth and tends to be flawless,
    stable quality.

Scope of application

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If you have any questions about our products (such as aluminum profiles, deep processing, etc.) or services, please feel free to contact the customer service team.

Professional deep processing

Professional profile supplier

It is a large-scale industrial aluminum profile professional manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and service.